Grant Veenstra

Driving Range

“Golf is the closest game to the game we call life. You get bad breaks from good shots; you get good breaks from bad shots – but you have to play the ball where it lies.”

Every player is only as good as the courses they’ve played and the experience they’ve gained.

At the Grant Veenstra Driving Range, we’ve invested in state of the art assessment tools, & an experiential training ground to enable any golfer to improve their skills, adjust their clubs and practice the types of shots most players are only faced with on the course.

“Of all hazards, fear is the worst.” – Sam Snead

GVGA Result Golf Ball


As anyone who plays golf regularly will know, putting is a game within a game. At the GVGA Driving Range, we teach the best techniques to master this golfing challenge.

GVGA Player Vision

Bunker Shots

The dreaded bunker shot! Every bunker is different, learn how to face this challenge without stress. Our PGA professionals are here to assist you with all your golfing needs.

GVGA Misiion


The right way to chip can be a challenge all in its self. Remember to make solid contact, our chipping area at the GVGA Driving Range is a great way to practice this golfing challenge.



Unlimited balls. R75 after 5pm.













Short Game Facility

“A man who can putt is a match for anyone” – Willie Park

The variety of short game shots available at the Grant Veenstra Driving range enables players to practice the shots that often cost the game.

*Greenside Bunkers*, and grass grown to different lengths provides players with a unique training ground to test and hone their short game skills, preparing them for the high pressure situations they may find on the course.

Water Hazards

With water hazards being one of the most mentally challenging shots to take, the Grant Veenstra Driving Range has been designed to desensitise players to this obstacle with the Driving Range facing an expanse of water.

The Srixon Floating Balls used by players gives the same feeling as a standard golf ball and assists players in overcoming the fear of driving a shot over water.

Target and distance markers further prepare players to face this problematic hazard on a course and are instrumental in training players to be aggressive when met with a water tee rather than defensive.